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Importance of Physical Fitness – Anti-Ageing Benefits

This is one that is very popular with readers both male and female. Once we hit a specific age we notice changes such as more wrinkles, saggy or saggier skin or muscles, joint and tendon discomfort, etc.

Those of us who are more seasoned may remember the days when we were in our 20’s and had endless energy. We could go to the gym in the morning and play basketball or beach volleyball with friends all day and still feel very little fatigue at the end of the day and possibly be ready for a whole other host of activities the very next day. Once you pass 33 or 34 it’s still possible to be very active, however, the only catch is that the fatigue level we experience at an older age is amplified and our recovery time is longer.

Our point is, “we all age” and that is the one great equalizer in life. Some of us age faster and some slower (more gracefully). Engaging in regular fitness activities or doing some bodybuilding will inevitable help you stave off the process of ageing. This means, it will slow it down and help you shave off years off your appearance.

So let us pose the question again: “why is physical fitness important?” – Because it allows us to delay and stunt the effects of ageing through natural, non-surgical means. Being fit has a cascading effect on your body. This means, if you’re fit you probably have a good cardio system. We talked about what that does for your body.

If you are fit and do some regular exercise you probably have less body fat which in turn means your muscle tone (for women) and mass (for men) is at a respectable level. For men more muscle means more testosterone. This means, your testosterone levels will be decreasing slower than the levels of testosterone of a person who has never done any fitness activity. More testosterone for men means harder muscles, increased activity levels due to higher energy.