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General Instructions for Healthy Living

1. You can digest the most amount of food between 7am and 10pm.

2. Think global, eat local: Eat dosas in Chennai, puttu from Kerala momos in Ladakh and pasta in Italy. Stay close to your genes, as much as possible.Eat the food you and your family have grown up eating.

3. We should eat fruits when we are in a fasting state or when our liver store is empty. So eat fruits as the first thing in the morning or immediately after a physical exercise.

4. Exercise is non-negotiable. Any programme which discourages you from exercising is worthless. Being on a diet might help you lose weight but without exercise we lose our muscles and bone diversity. And loss of muscle and bone density is aging. Human body is designed for continous activity. The least we can do is give it 30 to 45 minutes of exercise for 3 days a week to keep it in a good shape and condition. The body works on one principle Use it or lose it.

5. Don’t ever go on extreme diets – They are not sustainable and just don’t work. Dieting should not involve starving yourself. You must eat to lose weight.  Never go on a diet: Modify your lifestyle.

6. Bitter truth about sweeteners:- Regular use of sweeteners is associated with certain type of cancers, thyroid malfunction, memory loss, acidity, obesity etc. And one or two teaspoons of sugar is not going to harm you as much as the sweeteners.

7. Juices :-Making a juice out of vegetables and fruits robs you of all their vitamins and minerals. Even if you retain the fibre or add the fibre back to your juice, you have destroyed its structure. While making juice it loses all its nutrients, because the surface area of the fruit has increased and exposed to air has already oxidised its nutrients. Fruits contain antioxidants. Ideally they should get oxidised in your body and not outside it. When it comes to fruits – Eat, don’t drink.