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Fitness is a Way of Life and Good Health

When was the last time you walked in a lush garden, loitered in a deep jungle, swung your feet in a flowing stream, or danced in the rain? Ironically in this era, work has become the focal point of our lives. The new world runs with the OPS (operation per second) system and actual running has become passé. This is the age of overloaded schedules, extreme stimulations and fast food. When one is constantly juggling work, meetings, and deadlines, where is the time to be healthy?
Human body was designed for physical activities and our body can only take so much sitting around in front of monitors, before we start sporting the unflattering beer gut, muffin top, in short, extra body weight. In whatever way you refer to the extra fat; one thing is very clear that losing it can be a hard nut to crack. Extra body fat look ugly and pose serious threat as it is associated with increased risk of diabetes, stroke and many other life-style related ailments. Exercising not only tones your body, helping you fit in your favourite dress, but also strengthens your muscles, makes your bones stronger and improves your skin and hair. Other benefits of exercising include enhanced mood, reduced stress, and stronger immunity.
Mrs. Usha Premnath, fitness enthusiast and diet expert of over two decades is a holistic health and fitness coach. She, in her fifties, maintains the real rhythm of routine workouts and keeps good health as fitness is her passion and not just a business venture. Understanding the need of achieving work-life balance and optimal health, and realizing the detrimental effects of the busy life on people, she decided to do something about it and launched Heart Beats Fitness Centre! She chose a strategic location of Kakkanad, located in the IT hub of Kochi, making it an ideal workout destination for time-pressed IT professionals and residents in this locality.
We all know that losing weight is important. Yet, how many times have you successfully lost weight only to gain it again after few months or weeks? It is upsetting to go through dieting and exercising, only to be back from where you started. Heart Beats Fitness Centre is the only health & obesity centre in Kerala providing both Slimming as well as Fitness Services, Group Aerobics, Zumba and Power Yoga under one roof. Since, being fit and having a svelte body are two sides of the same coin, Heart Beats Fitness Centre takes care that you don’t gain the weight you have lost with path-breaking slimming solutions. Excelling in providing non-surgical and permanent solutions, one of the unique facilities recently added to the services offered by Heart Beats is Lipo Laser Slimming. A non-invasive, Safe and reliable treatment using low-level laser, this process is designed to get rid of body fat and tone up the skin without surgery, helping patrons lose an average of 5-6 inches from tough to lose areas of waist, hip and thigh in a matter of a few weeks. This treatment is found to be extremely effective in breaking down the stubborn fat which is otherwise difficult to lose. The Lipo Laser Slimming system works by emitting cold laser energy into the body tissues which is absorbed by the body fat and the fat is broken down and then channelled out of the body. The Laser virtually stimulates the breakdown and removal of the body fat without affecting the surrounding tissues and is an extremely safe and reliable treatment.
Heart Beats first class ambience and highly professional trainers sets it apart as an excellent choice for your fitness regimes and daily workout. Providing multiple services like personal training, massage therapy, group activities like Aerobics, Power Yoga & Zumba and meal planning with unique women-special hours makes Heart Beats your ideal partner for achievable optimum health. Heart Beats is constantly experimenting to come up with attractive workout plans, fitness events and routines adept with the changing trends in the fitness industry to give you an optimum workout program for a Healthy Happy mind.
Usha Premnath has held fast to her undertaking of helping people improve their lives through fitness. She has experimented with various workout regimes and diet programs to balance a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. She truly believes that fitness is a way of life and something that should be inculcated in your day-to-day schedule. She is also into aerobics training and has worked with a variety of fitness trainers in India and abroad.
Heart Beats mission is to get into your soul and motivate you to accomplish things you never thought was attainable. From the first day itself, you will feel that you walked inside the right door. It’s not about the fancy equipment, even though Heart Beats is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we believe that it’s being with the right people to get into your soul and help you find your healthy personality.
“Heart Beats affirms that Fitness is a Way of Life and Good Health is One of Life’s Greatest Blessing.”